CotL is building a Learning Centre on 1.316 acres of fertile land in Pepease – Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana (45 mins from Accra).Through donations we held our first classes at the centre on 20 May 2017.

Completed so far

We have constructed road access to the centre. The top multipurpose room, and library/office have been painted, tiled and furnished. The septic tank and water tower have been constructed and a poly-tank connected; the washroom facility both up and downstairs are almost complete. We have installed a flying fox (zip-line), cleared and grassed a portion of land, dug out an area for a netball court and installed the poles.  We have planted a variety of trees on the property and the construction of a wall to surround the facility has begun.

What’s next

We are yet to complete the large upper room, washrooms and the whole of the downstairs portion, install solar lighting, complete the wall that surrounds the whole of the facility, have a front gate mounted and continue clearing and landscaping.

We aim to expand our program via:

  • additional teaching staff
  • a completed structure
  • furniture and electronic equipment fit-out

Funded so far:

Building 0%
Additional teachers 0%
Fit-out 0%

Our ambition is to:

  • Empower at least 300 children annually
  • Enhance our educational and sports program
  • Teach basic IT skills
  • Become an educational training resource provider for schools in Ghana

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