Hello, my name is Lamise Akunduo. I am a Ghanaian, born and raised in a small village close to Sandema in the Upper East Region. In my late adolescent years, I moved from Sandema to Aburi in the Eastern Region with my husband, Charles Akunduo. We have eight children and one beautiful grand-daughter. Six of our children are our biological children and two are children of my late older sister.  Six of our children are now young adults and the youngest two are attending Junior High School in Aburi.

My interests include sewing, cooking, watching movies, growing my own food and being a helping hand in the church I attend. I am currently working as a trader and work part-time for Children of the Light (CotL) as their cook. I enjoy cooking and have become skilled in cooking large amounts of healthy meals for the children that attend CotL.  All our children have attended the CotL program and I have seen first-hand how the program has helped each one of them.