My name is Silas Azong Anukaru. I am from a small community called Dibisi in the North East Region of Ghana. I am the fifth born of a large nuclear family of eleven siblings.

I attended Wulugu Senior High School in the North East Region and am the first person in my family to complete senior high school in 2017. I am currently a Diploma holder in Computer Science from New Life College, Tamale.

Life in the village was not on a silver platter, however I have gained insight and experiences that have been an immense help through my life. I love my land and people and Iā€™m forever grateful to God for whatever comes my way. Farming and fishing are the work in the community. It was my late father who taught me much about both in my childhood years. I would often spend hours after school and during
the holidays on the river fishing or on the land farming. I love to swim and enjoy reading.

I enjoy my work with Children of the Light (CotL) and am excited to be involved in helping children pursue their dreams. I too am learning a lot through this organisation and it is wonderful to be able to
pass this knowledge on. I have also enjoyed creating a garden around the small rooms that CotL has transformed into a bright library in the village. All we are doing as an organisation is going a long way to
bring positive change in the lives of the children, the community and the nation as a whole.

I love being a member of this organisation.

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