Kia ora/Hello/Akwaaba

My name is Sharon and I am the Treasurer for ‘Children of the Light, Ghana’.  I am a born and bred New Zealander with a mix of English, Irish, Swedish and just recently discovered Norwegian heritage. In 1986, I travelled to the USA and spent 6 months travelling around California, across parts of Canada and down into Florida where I lived with friends for 3 months. I then travelled to New York and onto London, England where I lived for 2 ½ years working as a secretary for various companies. I returned to New Zealand in 1989 with Stephan, who I met while working for a Swiss company in London. We married and had our identical twin daughters who are now aged 25.

I enjoy dancing, yoga, spending time with my daughters, movies, being creative, travelling abroad and road trips around beautiful New Zealand. I have been a Secretary at an Auckland High School for the past 20 years and enjoy working in the ‘Education’ sector. My role within the ‘Children of the Light’ organisation is that of Treasurer, overseeing the donations made by New Zealanders and assisting in the editing of documentation for social media purposes and correspondence.

I am enjoying learning more about Ghana, its people and culture through ‘Children of the Light’ and feel privileged to be associated with this amazing organisation thanks to my life-long friend and Founder, Jeanette Opoku.

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