Children of the Light

Our Vision

To have a fully equipped, easily accessible learning centre in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

To become an educational training resource provider in Ghana and create branches of the organisation.

To have a program that provides quality education to many children in Ghana.

Center Aerial View

Our achievements

  • Through donations, CotL has built a Learning Centre in Ghana’s Eastern Region which was officially opened in August 2019. Although the centre is not fully complete, we have come a long way since construction started in 2009. A large playing field has been created and a variety of trees have been planted on the property. The construction of the front wall is also complete.
  • Work has begun to create a branch of the program in a remote village in the Northern Region of Ghana.
  • Many of our past students have ventured onto higher education and careers and our current students continue to benefit with the program, acquiring a vast amount of skills.

What’s Next?

  • Build up our monthly donor support to help us with the operational costs of the centre, special programs and our bi-monthly visits to the street children.
  • Complete the entire Learning Centre; doors and electrical fittings to purchase and install.
  • Upgrade the solar unit.
  • Add a filtering system to our water supply.
  • Secure the grounds with a fence wall and gate.
  • Upgrade the primary vehicle.
  • Purchase a bus for transporting the children. 
  • Continue with the landscaping work on the grounds.
  • Purchase additional classroom furniture and IT equipment.
  • Continue the work in building the branch of the organisation.